Getting ready for a move and need boxes, paper, pads, etc. Anything you re willing to share. Will Freecycle agsin at our final destination.
Looking for a small shed that's still in good condition. Not falling apart. Thanks!
Hello! I'm an art teacher who is in need of any fabric or material you have on hand. My students are learning to sew but it's hard to get fabric variety. Colorful fabrics would be ideal but we're not picky. Thank you!
Wanted small bathroom rugs for seating, borders, decorations
I am in search of fencing, posts, scrap wood materials. I have currently have 9 puppies and need to build a kennel for them.
ISO wood pallets
My granddaughter has fallen n love with lizards and wants one as a pet. We are looking for an enclosure with lights and any other items you may want to part with. If you are seeking to re-home a lizard, that would be great. She has studied up on the care of these reptiles so is ready to provide one a good home.
Looking for a good used microwave... mine died. Tia
I'm looking to buy a laptop for school to do some major video editing and solid model 3D CAD. Just so happens gaming laptops have the specs. Heres what I'm looking for: i7 bigger than 14" screen BluRay HDMI At least 6 gigs of RAM 1 gig dedicated graphics memory usb 3.0 (maybe) If out of state/town, I can pay for shipping. Im not looking to spend $1000. The laptop I really want is th...
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