Looking for teaching supplies.... Borders, paper, anything that can be used for bullentin boards, storage bins, velcro, material.....
I am looking to remove the motor and speed controller for a school project
I am in search of fencing, posts, scrap wood materials. I have currently have 9 puppies and need to build a kennel for them.
ISO wood pallets
My granddaughter has fallen n love with lizards and wants one as a pet. We are looking for an enclosure with lights and any other items you may want to part with. If you are seeking to re-home a lizard, that would be great. She has studied up on the care of these reptiles so is ready to provide one a good home.
Looking for a good used microwave... mine died. Tia
hello i am a single mother of 5 i just bought a mobile home for me and my kids however the man that moved my trailer sadly destroyed my skirting if u or anyone you know may have some please let me know good day god bless
hello again i am a single mother of 5 and in desperate need of fence and posts
I m trying to get crafty and I m lacking some supplies so if anyone has a handful of buttons they don t want anymore I will gladly take any and all! Thanks!
I'm looking to buy a laptop for school to do some major video editing and solid model 3D CAD. Just so happens gaming laptops have the specs. Heres what I'm looking for: i7 bigger than 14" screen BluRay HDMI At least 6 gigs of RAM 1 gig dedicated graphics memory usb 3.0 (maybe) If out of state/town, I can pay for shipping. Im not looking to spend $1000. The laptop I really want is th...
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